Many companies are so focused on their business that they forget a huge component of creating a successful working environment: the cleanliness of their building. Many times, companies don’t take the time to clean their buildings because they don’t have time to spare – that’s where Extra Shine Touch comes in. Our team of professionals will deeply clean your facility from top to bottom, creating a space that your employees and your customers will enjoy spending time in.

Our services are focused in the Orlando, FL area, but we also serve these surrounding suburbs:

  • Clermont

  • Dr. Phillips

  • Hunters Creek

  • Lake Buena Vista

  • Lake Nona

  • Oviedo

  • Williamsburg

  • Windermere

  • Winter Garden

  • Winter Park

  • And everything in between!

Some companies might think that spending money on professional cleaning services isn’t worth the cost or the hassle, but Extra Shine Touch says that those people would be wrong. Here are a few valuable reasons as to why you should get your commercial space regularly cleaned by our team at Extra Shine Touch.

  • You’ll attract customers.

A customer will choose a facility that’s clean over one that’s dirty any day. No one wants to take their business to a place that’s unclean and unkempt, because how they keep their area speaks to how they do business. Having a clean facility makes customers comfortable and tells them that they can trust you to do a good job.

  • It reduces risks and money spent.

Having a clean space means less chances for the unexpected to happen. If someone untrained is cleaning your commercial building, then it’s very likely that something could go wrong, either with equipment or chemicals. As for cost, the amount that you spend on materials and manpower to have unprofessionals clean your space will be astronomical compared to what you spend at Extra Shine Touch.

  • It protects your property.

It’s very easy for untrained people to use the wrong cleaners on sensitive surfaces. Extra Shine Touch understands chemicals when it comes to what to use and where to use it.

  • It increases productivity.

A clean office makes for happy and comfortable employees, and happy and comfortable employees make for people who do good work. A cleaner facility also makes for healthier employees who use less sick time and who are in the office more often. In the end, healthy and happy employees are all anyone wants for their business, no matter what type of company they are.

Extra Shine Touch will make your commercial environment cleaner for both employees and customers – give us a call today to schedule an appointment.