Whether you’re hiring a cleaning lady for a one-time visit or setting up recurring home cleaning services, having your home professionally cleaned can reduce stress in your life and give you more free time.

Before you hire a house cleaning or maid service for the first time, though, think about what will work best for your family.

Determine your cleaning needs, check online reviews, decide on a cleaning schedule and make a list of clear and concise instructions regarding specific preferences — for example, will the house cleaner bring their own cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaners, or use yours? Will you give the home cleaning service a spare key or your garage code? Be sure to specify areas where you expect extra attention.

Great Tips for Making Your Home Easier to Clean

House cleaning services want to give you a clean and happy home. The best way to make that happen is to remove clutter on surfaces that require dusting, sweeping, washing or vacuuming. Consider some simple steps to prepare your home for your scheduled cleaning time that will make the cleaning process smooth and worry-free.

Dirty clothes, junk mail, kids’ toys and other clutter strewn across your floors or wires lying around can make it impossible to sweep, mop or run a vacuum cleaner. It’s time-consuming when house cleaners must move belongings before they can get to work. Before the cleaning lady arrives, store those items in a closet or room that doesn’t require cleaning.

Fragile knickknacks make tidying more difficult. Protect them from breakage by moving them to a safe place. You may also want to secure important documents or other sensitive materials in a locked cabinet or desk.

Get the Kitchen and Bathrooms Ready

Washing dishes is typically not a house cleaner’s job. Before the cleaning lady arrives, wash and dry your dirty dishes and put everything away. If you have a dishwasher, load it up and run it later. Make it easier to clean and sanitize your kitchen by storing food in your cabinets, pantry or refrigerator.

Ensure your bathroom counters, showers and tub areas are free of shampoo bottles, soaps and dirty towels. Remove rugs and bath mats from the floor, and flush toilets.

Keep Pets Away

While some cleaning professionals like pets, most prefer they be kept away from areas where they’re trying to work. Others may be afraid of animals, especially dogs that appear aggressive.

Preparing Your House for Cleaning Day Is Worth the Effort

When house cleaners charge by the hour, moving and trying to clean around items can add to your expense. Save money by getting your rooms ready before the house cleaning team arrives to ensure nothing gets in the way of the process.

By seeing your home from a cleaner’s perspective, you can help individuals working for house cleaning services enjoy a satisfactory cleaning experience. You and the house cleaner will be happier when you prepare your rooms for cleaning day, and you’ll love coming home to a sparkling-clean living space.

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