When some people describe house cleaning, they typically mean that they vacuum floors and dust. Wiping down counters in the kitchen and bathroom and cleaning commodes, sinks and bathtubs of easily removed grime or stains may round out the list of house cleaning tasks. However, deep cleaning is necessary to eliminate long-term dirt, grime and germs in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas, meaning a clean home is healthier.

Deep cleaning does more than make a house look tidy. It’s what’s needed to cut through months and possibly years of soap scum in showers and bathtubs.

Thoroughly cleaning a house means moving furniture and appliances to remove dirt that’s collected under and behind them. Hazy windows that make it difficult to see outside offer a crystal-clear view when a deep cleaning service uses the appropriate products and tools.

Any home can benefit from a deep cleaning. If the furniture hasn’t been moved for several years or you start to cough and sneeze when you open the blinds, it’s time to take action.

When you walk into your home, do you get a whiff of a stale or musty odor? It could be that odor-causing bacteria have settled into fabrics and on surfaces. If your carpet looks matted and you try to hide soiled areas with throw rugs, a good cleaning can help improve its appearance and smell.

Develop a Deep House Cleaning Checklist

You may get standard cleaning even if you use a regular cleaning service. However, deep house cleaning goes beyond basic cleaning tasks. It’s best to use a deep house cleaning checklist to ensure every corner of the house and all fixtures get cleaned. For example, when you consider a family room, the carpet, wood or tile floors need not just vacuuming but deep cleaning. Cleaning dirt from beneath sofas and chairs means moving them.

Don’t Overlook Some Cleaning Needs

Picture frames need dusting, and the glass needs cleaning. Blinds may require washing if there’s stuck-on grime. Dust on window sills, frames, light globes, ceiling fans, vent covers, knickknacks and accessories can go unnoticed for years. Sanitizing remote controls can help keep the family healthy.

A Kitchen Needs More Than Basic Cleaning

During a deep cleaning, it’s necessary to disinfect small appliances and clean kitchen cabinet doors that can become filthy from drips and spills. Homeowners may not give much thought to kitchen trash cans, but they need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Bathrooms Benefit From Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

The bathroom can be one of the nastiest spaces in your home, even if it looks clean. Most people are surprised when they try deep cleaning a tub or shower and find that the more they scrub, the more soap scum they encounter. It takes time and know-how to break through soap scum and remove it. If the home had previous owners, you don’t want to start using a bathroom before you disinfect toilet bowls, toothbrush holders and soap dishes.

Shower heads need cleaning to get rid of mineral deposits and germs. It’s healthy to disinfect the toilet regularly. A clean glass shower door free of crud will make you feel better about stepping into your shower.

Whole House Cleaning Services

Include areas and surfaces throughout the home in deep house cleaning. A deep house cleaning service can dust ceiling fans, crown molding, baseboards and lamps. Neglected wall corners will also get cleaned.

The deep cleaning service can wash light globes, clean light fixtures, clean door knobs and disinfect light switches. Removing scuff marks on floors and baseboards can give any room a fresh look.

Try Deep Cleaning for Your Home

A deep house cleaning company can make your home a healthier space. Whether you’ve resided in your home for years or just moved in, consider deep house cleaning services and see what you’ve been missing. Call Extra Shine Touch at (407) 450-8972 and let us deep clean your house to your satisfaction.